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Hunter's Travois  ...
A Hunter's New Best Friend!

If you are tired of trying to get your large game out of the woods the old fashioned way, the Hunter’s Travois Two-Wheeled Cart is for you. Built to withstand the toughest of terrain, the Hunter’s Travois is durable, yet lightweight. Your hunting experience will be enhanced as it aides in the extraction of game with unparalleled maneuverability. Here are some of the patented design features working for you:

  • Designed to work in most all terrain
  • Can go under most barbed wire fences
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The metal frame is made in the USA
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight limit up to 300lbs
  • Used for over 5 years in real hunting conditions
  • Collapsible to be carried into the woods
  • Tools are needed initially to assemble the handle and wheel components, then the rest can be assembled with pins and clips.
  • $395.00

  • U.S. Pat. D661042

    Instead of being focused on how to get your large game out of the woods, you’ll rest knowing all you have to do is load him up!  

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